Collective of Thai creatives in Berlin. We organise events to showcase talents from Thailand and in Germany; to free ourselves from easy labels and stereotypes; to bring the narrative back to our hands.

Who are we?


What is un.thai.tled?

We are a group of Thai creatives in Germany - not only we encounter misconceptions and stereotypes within western world, and their unconscious ignorance - but also the lack of socio-cultural engagement between Thai and German people. Therefore our mission is to provide platform or opportunities for the creatives talents, with focus specifically on people from Thailand/with Thai cultural-biological background - which would lead to further collaboration/exchange projects between people - and through these we would be able to educate/inform/ evoke discussions amongst audiences about certain topics related to Thailand, or being Thai. Because we are the ‘untitled’, we wish to be freed from titles and easy labels people tend to put on us. Now it’s time for you to listen carefully. We will organize series of events that focus on specific medias, such as film or music, with interdisciplinary approach (design + arts + academics) and intermedial aspect And by the word “Thai”, we are by no means excluding ourselves from other cultural exchange events in Berlin - which we would love to be in partnership with. We only make it clear, that our project “Un-Thai-Tled” focuses fore-mostly on creatives from Thailand / with Thai cultural-biological background. For 2019 we will organize 3 official film screenings and 1 cultural evening.

Meet The Team

Founder, Project Manager
Bangkok, 1992. He moved to Berlin in 2015, where he taught himself all the techniques of filmmaking. He lives in constant attempt to critically deconstruct the obsession with the surface, to search for subtle humanistic aspect underneath - with respectful yet critical approach. He writes his own scripts, directs and edits different short films and music videos and participates in different fields of video-related medias. “Because I am human, anyway”
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Berlin-based creative director who has backgrounds in advertising and marketing. Currently, he is now pursuing his master degree in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar and co-founded the collective of Thai creative in Berlin ‘un.thai.tled’.
Project Manager, Public Relations
A master student in Media Art and Design at Bauhaus University Weimar whose main focuses are on media event and curating. With her background in communication design, she is familiar with both producing creative work herself and managing creative events.
Public Relations
Berlin-based photographer, artist and content creator
Art Director, Space Designer
A media artist who engages himself in many genres of visual arts. He opted to study communication design for his bachelor’s degree in Bangkok, and decided to continue his studies in Berlin, Germany for his MA in Media Spaces. He is currently developing his practice based on the question of reality within the combination of digital and physical spaces.
Music Coordinator
A Thai photographer based in Berlin. He has graduated from College of Music, Mahidol University and became a photographer and photographer assistant for Lips magazine before moved to Berlin. Today Kantatch is a photography student at University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin campus, and a member of "Untitled Project" group, a group of 11 Berlin-based photographers.
Secretary, Finance
Berlin-based cultural studies student at Europa Vladrina University Frankfurt Oder and has interest in music concerts and travelling.
Web Development
A programmer who lives in Berlin.
Sound Production
Cho has been pushing the mellower side of dance music. He is a part of Jam on Toast and Slum Disco Soundsystem, who see themselves regularly at SEA venues. Professionally, he currently runs his music production house Yellowire Studio. Currently based in Berlin to work on his solo producer project Wong Echo, his current focus is on producing leftfield house and techno and releasing them on the local labels here.